About My Claims Adjuster in Orange County

Our Founder

Claim Support 24/7 was created to assist homeowners and businesses through the property insurance claims process. Our founder, Matt Gurwitz, has worked in the insurance industry for over 10 years, working on thousands of claims throughout the United States.

Matt firmly believes in strong customer service and strives to work diligently with a client from beginning to end. His strong work ethic earned him two prestigious awards in the industry based on overall customer satisfaction and experience.

Matt has come to intimately know the various struggles a claimant goes through when filing an insurance claim and how to help a claimant overcome these challenges.  Matt delights in taking the challenges off the policy holder and working diligently with the insurance company and their adjusters to deliver a fast and fair claim settlement.

The Company

It is often a very time-consuming process from scheduling contractors to working with the insurance adjuster.  And that is when it all goes according to plan. Often that is not what happens.  It takes much more time than anticipated, leaving the claimant feeling frustrated and irritated.

Claim Support 24/7 offers all the assistance needed for the claimant to reach a complete and fair settlement with their insurance company that will enable them to make the necessary repairs without the frustration. No longer will they be left feeling that they did not reach a fair settlement based on the damage done.