What are the most common questions a Public Insurance Adjuster hears?

Why do I need my own insurance adjuster?

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars training their adjusters on what not to include on an estimate and spend very little time training about proper tradesman standards, insurance law or qualifying code upgrades.

A Public Adjuster knows insurance.  We are approved by the Department of Insurance to work on the behalf of the insured. A Public Adjuster has the insured’s best interest at heart.

Insurance company adjusters believe the settlement amount they are offering is fair.  Research shows otherwise.

Florida’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability proved that consumers who retained a public insurance adjuster saw higher settlement than those who didn’t.

Why a Public Adjuster – Hear it from others in our industry

Why was something that was damaged not covered?

There can be lots of reasons.  Many times, the insurance company’s adjuster will claim that the damage was caused by your neglect of basic maintenance.  Or, the adjuster will decide that the damage was not related to the covered loss.  The result can lead to thousands of dollars of out of pocket expense by the homeowner.

My Claims Adjuster fights for your rights under your insurance policy.  We have years of experience negotiating fair settlements for homeowners that restore their property completely.

Why was my claim denied?

Insurance companies can deny a claim for many reasons.  The most common are:

  • You didn’t notify them of your loss in time. Review your insurance policy immediately after your loss and determine how much time you have to file your claim.  Then call My Claims Adjuster to help you prepare all the documentation you’ll need to file your claim properly to ensure full coverage.
  • Your insurance company and their adjuster may say that your loss and claim is suspicious or questionable in some way. My Claims Adjuster has the experience to overcome such excuses by your insurance company to get your claim on track.
  • You didn’t provide enough documentation. This is a key reason for contacting My Claims Adjuster immediately after your loss.  We will help you pull together all the papers, photos and other documentation.
  • Your loss was considered part of your policy’s “Exclusion Clauses”. Every policy has them and they spell out what the insurance company will not pay for.  Injuries sustained around your swimming pool or damage caused by a flood are just two of many potential clauses.  My Claims Adjuster will argue that your loss is not directly related to any Exclusion Clauses and get your claim processed promptly.

Why did the insurance company only pay this much when my contractor is charging me much more.

They can have lots of reasons.  Your insurance company’s adjuster may not have measured the entire area affected by your loss.  Or, their adjuster is factoring in sub-standard materials needed to make the repairs.  Or they decide something can be repaired rather than replaced.

My Claims Adjuster works diligently with both building contractors and the insurance company adjusters to make sure everything that is needed to completely restore your property is covered in the settlement.

What are my insurance limits, do I have enough coverage?

The insurance limit is the maximum amount your insurance company is going to pay.  The limit could be on a per occurrence basis or on an aggregate basis.  There may also be one limit amount for liability coverage in case you’re sued by someone who is injured or property damage that occurs on your property.  And there will be another limit for damage to your home and personal property in your home.

Can I deposit the checks the insurance company has sent me?

Yes, but only after you are completely satisfied that the amount is correct and will restore your property fully.  Once you cash that check, your options to renegotiate the claim are limited.

Contact My Claims Adjuster early on to make sure that the check your insurance company sends you will be enough to get you back on your feet.

Do I have to use the insurance company’s approved contractors?

No, and it’s probably best not to.  The odds are high that the contractor is encouraged by the insurance company to cut corners or not to provide services they cannot bill to the company.

My Claims Adjuster can help you find qualified contractors that will find and repair all of the things affected by your loss, not just what your insurance company wants to pay for.

We hear these questions, and many more, so often because most people are having a similar experience to you: Dealing with an adjuster who is so quick to move onto the next claim that most of the time an insured’s needs go unmet.

Level the playing field by contacting My Claims Adjuster by completing the form on this page or call us now at:

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My Claims Adjuster will walk you through a step by step process showing the insured what they can rightfully claim under their insurance policy.