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Getting You The Insurance Claim Settlement You Deserve

Unfortunately, you have just suffered a loss from a fire, flood or other unforeseen event.  Fortunately, you have insurance.  You have consistently paid your premiums for years and now you need your insurance company to step up and help you restore your life or home.  Will they?

Insurance companies love to take in your premium payments.  However, they hate to pay out on covered losses.  The job of their professional adjusters is to minimize the insurance company’s payout as much as possible.  Whether it gets you back on your feet, or not.

Why do you need a Public Insurance Adjuster?

  • The claim adjuster that inspects your insured loss works for your insurance company, NOT YOU!
    • Will they consider your entire loss?
    • Will they base their settlement amount upon the best comparable replacements, or the cheapest?
    • Will their settlement consider the real cost of contractors, plumbers, electricians in your area?
    • Will they provide for indirect loss?

Why you need My Claims Adjuster:

  • We recover ALL POSSIBLE BENEFITS from your insurance claim. Not just what your insurance company wants to pay you for.  Usually 36% or more!
  • We are your personal assistants throughout the construction process. We review all bids, help manage vendors and ensure quality of work.
  • You pay us nothing. Our fees are paid by your insurance company at the successful close of your negotiated settlement.

Your insurance company has a team working for them. You need a team working for YOU!

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