So, how does this all work?

The first step is to connect with My Claims Adjuster. A licensed Public Insurance Adjuster will ask a few questions to qualify the claim.  We pride ourselves in being upfront. So, if you don’t need a Public Adjuster, we will let you know. It is our belief that the settlement amount is not our money, it’s yours.

We would love to do what we do without charging; however, the amount of time and energy that goes into each file would not make this possible.

We tailor our services to meet each individual client’s needs. Therefore, each member of our staff can only take on five to six new claims per month while maintaining a high level of client support and attention.

After we review your claim documents, we will discuss the costs associated with working with you.  We typically charge a fee of 10% -20%.  This fee is only paid when we are successful and only on new money.  This fee is for full consulting services; however, sometimes you may just need an estimate. Our rates for an estimate range between $500-$1500 based on claim size. We have a full support network of trained estimate writers and lawyers to help with your claim.

Case Study:  My Claims Adjuster helps Mission Viejo family increase settlement from $36,000 to $75,000.00

Mission Viejo, Ca residents sustain water loss to their Kitchen. The company adjuster wrote an estimate for $36,000.00.   The insured was going to write his own response to the insurance company requesting additional money; however, a friend had told them that he used a Public Adjuster. The insured called the friend’s public adjuster; however, the public adjuster felt that the claim was too small for his firm.

The insured saw the My Claims Adjuster ad in the Money Mailer Magazine and called. We review his claim and the policy information.

Upon review, it was apparent that many items were overlooked or unaccounted in the company adjuster’s estimate including that the drywall behind the cabinets was wet and growing mold. The company adjuster did not notice that this drywall was between the back of cabinets and a shear wall; therefore, could not be dried effectively.  My Claims Adjuster referred a mitigation company and mold specialist to the insured. The mold was cleaned, and the home passed inspection.

Adjusters & homeowners overlook hidden damages often resulting in significant costs.